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Land of Sleeping Giant

David Boyajian's sculpture: Land of the Sleeping Giant

David Boyajian's sculpture is prominently displayed on the Library's south-facing wall. Commissioned by the Hamden Arts Commission, this work of public art, a wall relief with free-standing sculpture, was installed in October 2003. The sculpture is stainless steel, grounded by a huge history book atop a classical column. The book title, Land of the Sleeping Giant, is also the name of the Sculpture, and refers to Hamden's "most precious historic natural treasure." The wall relief portion of the sculpture consists of four lightweight aluminum archways that span a 16 foot-wide area under the building's name and above the free-standing sculpture. Trellised forms of free falling oak leaves reflecting ambient light symbolize Hamden's original four villages of Mt. Carmel, Whitneyville, Highwood and State Street.

The Hamden Arts Commission is a cultural resource and information center, and a focal point in the community for activities in the arts. We present close to 40 programs annually, and also enthusiastically support the individuals and organizations that work to enhance the arts in our town.

The Arts Commission has been a municipal department of the Town of Hamden since 1981. It is composed of 15 volunteer commissioners, each a Mayoral appointment, who are assisted by one full-time employee, and one part-time assistant, in an office in the Miller Cultural Center.

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Our office personnel:
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