Cultural Arts Resource Directory

Application/Nomination Form

Cultural Arts Resource Directory Application/Nomination Form

If you would like to apply or nominate an organization or individual for inclusion in the directory, please use this online form.

Institution/organization nominee criteria:

  1. have an operating presence or residency in the Town of Hamden;
  2. provide an arts service or otherwise support for the cultural arts (see definition below);
  3. address the educational, social or economic needs of Town residents through the arts, serve an under-served residential population or provide a special cultural mission within the Town.

Individual nominee criteria:

  1. be 21 or more years of age;
  2. be a resident of Hamden, have resided or worked in Hamden;
  3. have made a verifiable contribution to or achievement in the arts whether in or outside of Hamden that has been significant and generally recognized.

Definition: The cultural arts include architecture, art, dance, film, literature, media music, theatre, photography and related technical services.

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PART B - Other Hamden Cultural Arts Resources (Individual or Organization)

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